Monday, July 4, 2011

Your Declaration of Independence

Today is a celebration of a declaration of independence for my country.  There are oh-so many connotations to the words: declaration and independence. But the one that seems the most prevalent is freedom. Freedom from being under someone else’s rules or authority. 

But here is the thing: Declarations are merely the first step of the process of freedom.


When a declaration is made, the declarer must stand her ground. She must oppose opposition and distraction to her declaration(s).  In order to determine a proper declaration, one {from the heart and} based in conviction {and not mere emotion} consider the following two elements:

1. Make it based upon your own choices.

And not derived from the choices and opinions of others. While it can be tempting to react in the heat of the moment, or to consult with friends for affirmation, be as sure {as you possibility can} that your declaration(s) are based in your own choices and preferences. Especially since in making a declaration, you will determine the necessary actions for the desired outcome.

2. Evaluate the situations and people you allow into your life.

Write your own story. You willfully decide the elements of your story. Vital elements include the way you spend your time and the people you allow in your moments. Who and what is important to you will be reflected in the hours {and angst} of your dailies. Resist default modes of thought and action. Meaning do not allow yourself to become deluded into believing that you are required to include specific people in your life; or that you must endure certain activities in your life “because you have to” … Because is not a reason.


You do not need approval or affirmation in order to live your intentions.

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