Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach House Take Two

It's finally here!  Leaving today for take two of the beach house vacation-this time not under an evacuation order and with the husband.  I so need this week with the sea.  I am hoping it will help to heal my spirit-which has taken a beating this summer and start to heal the unrelenting ache I feel from Steve's absence.

We have made no plans-me the goal setter and planner, with no plans.....we are going to spend a week just being and let each day unfold. I guess technically I do have plans...I plan to wear shoes as little as possible, take naps, and drink wine.  I have also packed my art supplies so I can keep my commitment to do art for 30 days and my new camera to take "artsy" photos.

It is so easy to find joy at the beach house.  I am so looking forward to that-it hasn't come easily lately.  Life is easy at the beach house.  I love everything about it-bare feet, henna tattoos, beach bikes, sand castles, naps, finding the perfect shell everyday, breakfast at Olive (ya gotta go..if you get the chance), surfers and sunsets. It feeds my spirit and asks nothing of me in return.  Let the NOURISHMENT begin.

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