Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life Lessons the Beach Taught Me

Life Lessons the Beach Taught Me
Life has cycles-low tide and high tide-neither lasts forever.
You have to walk slowly to find the very best shells.
The shells you find are meant just for you.
Sometimes you just have to get in the water, even when it's cold.
When you catch a wave-ride it.
When you think you're in too deep, look for a sand bar. 
Sometimes you can't avoid the undertow.
Eventually the sun burns through the clouds.
Sunsets happen every single day.
Sand is part of the deal.
Sandcastles always get washed away, but the fun is in building it anyway.
There is beauty even in the rocky places.
Don't shake your towel downwind from other people.
Inactivity is just as important as productivity.
Joy is easier to find in barefeet.
Simplicity is the way to go-too many toys weigh you down.
Eventually, you have to go inside.

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