Saturday, July 16, 2011

Giving and Receiving

So many people are really good at giving. And yet, pretty bad at receiving. I am   guilty of this myself-bigtime.  When I am stressed, I dig in and just get it done-never ask for help.  When I am hurting, I turn inward instead of reaching out for comfort.  I am always willing to help my neighbor, but refuse offers for help....I got this.

There are a few problems with living like this. When we give without receiving, we run the risk of depleting ourselves.  We miss an opportunity to allow ourselves to be full of love, joy, and abundance, and more importantly-we miss the opportunity to connect to another human.  Not allowing ourselves to receive is really an act of selfishness because in doing so, we deny the giver the opportunity to feel all of those wonderful things that come with giving. 

Receiving is an act of love, just as giving is.  Receiving nourishes our spirit and when we are full we can share ourselves. From that place, giving is easy and effortless. There is no risk of "compassion fatigue". The more gifts of love and other bits of goodness we allow ourselves to receive, the more giving we can be.

I have come to this realization because I am totally depleted, having cut myself off from all receiving while tending to my grief.  I got nothin' to give and it sucks.  Dr. Phil would ask "how's that workin' for ya"?  And I would answer, it served it's purpose but now it's time to allow myself to begin to receive again.  Receiving love is what caused this pain and receiving love is the only thing that will heal it. 

Today, I am opening myself up to receiving and commiting to be a better receiver.  I need to replenish my spirit so that I can in turn replenish someone I typed that sentence, the sun came out from behind the clouds and shined on my face.  Thank you sun, for the gift of warmth and sunshine-I accept.  

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