Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Raven's Gift

I was outside this morning trying to walk off the sadness that I woke up with, thinking about my friend, not really looking forward to the festivities of the day--how could they go on with a celebration when my best friend is dead.  Don't they know that time stopped on Monday?  As I am walking, thinking these things  in my path is a beautiful raven tail feather-stopped me dead in my tracks.  One because I haven't seen any ravens since the fire, and two because it was so perfect and beautiful as the sun shined on it.  I knew it was meant as a gift for me.

In Native American folklore, the raven is the gatekeeper to the other side, the messenger, considered the trickster/jokester, and a symbol of transformation and new beginnings.   As I picked up my new found treasure, I couldn't help but hear the deeply personal message being whispered to me as I stood there in the warm sun (can't share-sorry).  My first moment of joy since Stephen's death......I think it's gonna be alright.....I think I'm gonna be ok, not for awhile-but I am gonna be ok.   Miss you SS, please tell the raven I said thank you.    

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