Friday, January 3, 2014

Awakening Woman

"Awakened Woman"work in progress
I am so glad to say goodbye to 2013.  It was undoubtedly one of the post painful years of my life-the betrayal of family and loss of identity,and  the betrayal of my lover all happened within a short period of time- and it sent me into a tail spin from which I was not sure I could recover. Thankfully, I am pretty good at starting over- so here I go!

Every year I chose a word or words that will be my focus for the year.  This year is it LISTEN.  My focus will be to LISTEN to my intuition, and to my body. I want to notice and and better flow with my natural rhythms and how I connect with the rhythms of Mother Earth.  I have already noticed a change in what I eat and an overwhelming need to be in the moonlight (not easy in Oregon).  I have slowed down to soak up more of the beauty around me.  I have conversations with birds and squirrels, LISTEN to the sound of the water flowing in the creek.  When I need rest, I rest.  When I need solitude, I wander. When I need peace, I paint....yesterday it was painting all my pajamas...glorious!

Like many women, I am being called to be in circle with other women who want to tune into these rhythms and illuminate the Divine Feminine within themselves and for the planet.  I am devoting all of my art this year to this process and plan to go deep and LISTEN to what she has to teach me.  This feels like a gentle time, a softer time, a feminine time.  I don't want to climb any mountains, or slay any dragons.  I am practicing the art of being, holding space for myself and my tribe sisters to heal and come into themselves for nourishment.  I love being in the midst of my own awakening and the awakening of the beautiful divine women around me.  It is a powerful thing to witness someone discovering their sacredness.

So 2013, I say goodbye to you with gratitude for the lessons learned. 2014 I am ready.  My intentions are set,  my vision board is complete, I am an empty vessel ready to receive love, guidance, healing, grace and possibilities-let's start manifesting.