Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The She's

I love this art piece.  It reminds me of "The She's" the goddesses of my tribe (still accepting new applicants)   I wish I knew who the artist was so I could give her credit.  I am so drawn to any art that depicts gentle, beautiful, strong, sensual women.  I think all of those qualities are the very essence of women and yet we so easily forget  that this is who we are.  Being a gentle but strong, beautiful, sensual woman gets lost in all of our other labels-mother, daughter, wife, teacher, referee, cheerleader, healer, acrobat, magician..........above all we are a "She", a perfectly imperfect GODDESS.   

I got to spend the day today with bunch of amazing baby Goddesses (the Sunflower Goddesses).  They were my JOY today because they KNOW that they are amazing and will tell you so if you ask them....especially the tiniest ones.  They aren't afraid yet that they aren't enough, they don't question their BEAUTY or their "she-ness" , they aren't perfect and they don't care....they get it.  They are an important part of "The She's" in my tribe because when I am with them I KNOW that I am amazing too.....they tell me so, and love me without any rules about it because we belong to each other, and because that's what GODDESSES do.

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