Saturday, June 25, 2011

Get on the Bus

It's a hard thing-to be brave enough to admit that you no longer fit in your skin and go after the things that bring you joy.  Uncertainty is scary, but for me living in mediocrity is even more scary.  For lots of people, where they are is safe, even if it isn't where they want to be.  Chasing joy is just too scary.  There always seems to be someone ready to tell you how crazy it is to follow your dreams and all the reasons why you shouldn't do it.  They are invested in you NOT finding your joy because if you do, then they have to admit that they don't fit in their skin anymore either and that is just too scary.  I am learning to surround myself with the people that love me, feed my dreams, and support my need for change.  To have a ticket on my gyspy hippie bus you have to be open to possibilities-for me and for you.  There is no room for anyone who can't be brave with me or for me, on this journey.  

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