Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Evacuation.......Beach Vacation

So before the evacuation of Alpine where I live, we had already planned a vacation at a beach house in San when the evacuation call came we had a choice, go without Jean (who stayed to fight fire) or stay at an evacuation shelter.  Easy choice, we headed for the beach house.

Stuff I learned (or remembered) during the evacuation beach vacation:
1. Family is everything...the rest is just stuff
2. The ocean and a beach cruiser do wonders for my spirit
3. Inactivity is just as important as productivity
4. Joy is easily found when you look for it.

Where I found joy on the evacuation beach vacation:
1. finding sand dollars and the perfect shell
2. sparkly blue eyes
3. angel/sun kissed noses
4. breakfast with the boys
5. the beach cruiser
6. soy chorizo (thanks Olive)
7. my beach house
8. laughing with my sister
9. my mini surfer VW
10. a little long haired beach bum
11. saying good morning to a stranger and getting a response
12. a henna tattoo
13. a roller coasetr ride
14. a beracuda
15. a pop tart


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