Friday, September 21, 2012

Lessons from the Oregon Coast

An unexpected trip to the Oregon Coast has also brought some unexpected lessons/revelations today.

1. From the drive: Pay attention.  If you dont you miss the beauty that is under your nose.
2.  From the ocean: My soul needs the ocean.  I can't go 9 months  without my feet in the sand again.  It's not healthy for me or the people I love who have to deal with me.

3. From the sand dollars that were everywhere:  You can only see the beauty of the broken sand dollars when you stop comparing them to the whole/perfect ones.

4.  From the drift wood:  Sometimes the rough seas are there to soften your edges.

5.  From the slow to emerge sun:  The  dark skies are temporary.

6.  From a friend:  Forgiveness, whether giving or receiving-is a gift.

7. From the hotel desk clerk: Joy is contagious.

8. From a sunset:  Sometimes you just have to stop thinking and doing so much.  Be still and soak it up.

9.  From the day:  Sometimes the best days are the ones where there is no plan.  Go with the flow.  

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